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One line bio? Yeah, right...


The more you read the more you will find out about me. This blog is like therapy to me. I do this for me. I love to get comments, but that's not why I do it. If you leave a comment, please be respectful.. I don't care if you don't agree with something I write, I don't care if you wish to state your opinion, in fact I welcome it.. the key is respect. Mostly it's boring stuff in here, boring to anyone but me, pretty much. I used to be very political but I'm just not into writing about politics any more. It doesn't mean it won't come up occasionally. Mostly this is about me, my family, my daughter, my life... take it or leave it!

A few basics... I am a stay at home mom to one wonderful (almost) 5 year old girl, and hopefully soon we will have another one on the way. I have a degree in Web Development and I will probably be doing free lance work from home soon. I also have a husband named Brian and 2 dogs, a beagle mix named Rascal and a basset hound named Fred. I'm pretty liberal as fas as *most* political issues go. I'm open minded, I have tattoos, and hubby and I just recently bought our first home. I love to write but I lack a lot of skill... I'm not *usually* very witty or insightful like some bloggers. I love reading and photography, I constantly take pictures.

That's about it in a rather large nutshell... keep reading to find out more!


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